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Updated: Dec 20, 2018

October 29 – Four weeks ago I said it was time to get serious. My first step was to reach out to two authors on a new Facebook group I joined last month, and we met up for coffee last weekend. Over two hours later we were all on cloud nine, enthused and excited to get back to our writing. They are also working on their first book – a sci fi with plans for at least twelve books in their world. I then mentioned that maybe others, (uhmm maybe me), might be interested in joining their world and extending the stories of characters they don’t plan to expand – a bit like fan fiction. But, back the spaceship up – first we must write our own books!

It was great to discuss my story, my characters, and my world, but just as great to hear about theirs too. We are getting together again next week for a full day – a writer’s retreat – to talk more, and of course to write more. I am so excited.

I also reached out to another sci fi writer and spoke to her yesterday. We both have challenges, but we are both passionate about our stories and our characters and can’t wait to finish them.

It was such a good feeling to talk to people who understand this weird world we live in as aspiring authors. Published authors may experience it too, but I will have to let you know about that later. We were sharing stories about the hours we spend on Google, for example, researching the kind or blaster our characters would be using. In my case, I have decided on the phase pistol from Star Trek: Enterprise, for my main character, although she will get her hands on some phasers eventually. It might only be one sentence in the book, but I want to get it right. Although I have a fair bit of latitude writing a space opera, we have access to Google for a reason and the story will be better for it. Sharing these geeky quirks with like-minded people definitely normalises the whole writing process.

I have added another 31/2 chapters to the book in the last four weeks. I want to ramp it up over the next eight weeks and hope to have a first draft by Christmas. I am meeting with Craig Martelle and 30 other keen members of yet another Facebook group I belong to, at years end (If you love sci fi, space opera, and military sci fi, I urge you to check out Craig’s extensive list). Last year I told them I was starting my book. This year I want to tell them I have the first draft completed. It’s been a wild ride, but I have asked the universe, and it is delivering.

I look forward to sharing my progress with you next month.

Cheers for now.


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