Nine Days to Go!

I can't believe #ChristmasCrackers is almost ready to be published. As the leader of our Christmas Cracker Anthology, Jane Hinchey has excelled on herding her cats (aka fellow authors). While I personally found the writing and editing to be relatively stress-free, I can't say the same for setting up links to my newsletter or site. These small things have brought this woman to tears - and I do not tear easily! I'm going to put it down to the end of the academic year stress of marking and checking grades etc. That works for me.

I have learnt so much about writing bringing Jingle Bells, Cracker Spells to life. Yes, I have learnt more since I have completed it, and wish I had done things differently, but no good will come of looking back too much, other than some reflection on learning, and putting that to good use as I plan the next book.

I hope you enjoy all of the stories in #ChristmasCrackers, including Jingle Bells, which mine has affectionately become known as in my house. I can't wait for Christy, Aunt Meg, Holly, Tinz, and Maisie, to begin their next adventure. My fingers are itching to start typing, but first, I must complete my academic duties.

I hope you join up for my Newsletter, and leave an honest review on the platform you bought the book, Goodreads, BookBub etc.

Happy days,


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