Naming characters in Jingle Bells

I mentioned how Christy Fair popped into my head when being asked to contribute to the now unpublished Christmas Crackers anthology (it was a limited-time anthology). I met someone named Holly Deer (married name), and straight away I knew she had to be Christy's best friend. I had to continue the Christmas decoration theme with two names like these - well I didn't 'have to', but I really wanted to :-).

I had a hairdresser who inspired Tinz's character, and I felt he would have a backstory to inspire him to have a short, one-word name, like a pop star. I watched a Christmas movie with Twinkle's character, and I liked it, but it wasn't Tinz. I played around with some ideas and settled on Twinkle Tinsel. I know it is a bit out there, but this is the only name that I haven't been able to find online as a real person's name. Twinkle and Tinsel, yes, but not together, although it did give him a good reason to be keen on changing it.

All of the other characters are based on the names of real people. I did keep to Christmas decorations to start with, after searching for the human connection, but then I widened the names to those that just wandered into my head and refused to leave.

If there are any names you would like me to include in upcoming books, please let me know. People have named their children Jack Frost and Rose Thorn for example, (nice names, don't get me wrong, but perfect for this series), and you have probably come across them yourself.

Let's see what you can come up with and include how you see the character - victim or suspect. Email me with your ideas anytime, even if you are reading this way into the future.

Look after yourselves and enjoy finding your next favourite book.

Cheers for now,


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