Moving forward with a new vision.

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

There is nothing like talking a problem through with a trusted counsel to help you see the forest for the trees. After a couple of months of angst and ‘can I do this?’, a half-hour discussion has provided the soundboard I needed to make my decision.

My advice to anyone at a similar point in their life is to reach out and make contact with someone you trust.  I reached out to someone, somewhat tentatively, who is an established and successful author who I have enormous respect for. Thankfully, he had been in the same position once and was only too happy to help me clarify my thinking and encourage me in my decision.

We all need to surround ourselves with people who support and encourage us, and it is even better if some members of your group are doing whatever is you aspire to do. Most people, especially creatives, are only too willing to share their experiences – both the good and the bad – and help you on your journey.

For many of us, family and close friends are a big part of this, but you need to find your supporters wherever you can. Facebook groups that are formed around your interest (writing for me) are a great place to start. You will soon begin to appreciate that others experience the ups and downs, just like you and me (well, I think the ‘good’ groups will/should share both sides).

Local groups might also help. I know! That means leaving the safety of your cave (eek!), but it might be worth it. You only really need a handful of really close supporters on your cheer squad. There may be many more in the general stadium, but knowing who to hone in on in your time of need to really get that sage advice, owl-like wisdom, act as your sounding board, who will listen to every word (even if they don’t understand half of them), or just provide a quick huddle to recharge your confidence – will work wonders and clarify your vision or direction, and allow you to power on through.

So, if like me you are ever sitting there at the fork in the road I discussed last week, reach out to the people who can help you. It’s your time to move forward and do those things that make your day, and ultimately your life, better.

Cheers to a clearer vision.



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