Should I start this journey?

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

While I have always wanted to be an author, life was full on in… well, life! I have had all-consuming careers that did not confine themselves to 8, or even 10 hours a day. Even now, I am unsure whether they were full-time, and then some, jobs, or I just allowed them to be that way. Either way, here I am approaching 55 years old and still with the dream of being an author.

In my new job, I sit on the bus for almost five hours a day. This is not good. I am a thinker, and this was way too much time to think. One of these days I was thinking, ‘what else is there in life’. Do I really want to sit on the bus for four hours every day for the next 10 or so years? No, I don’t. I should be writing, so at the very least I could work part time (as in all honesty, I do love my work). I grabbed my phone on that day last October and typed in something like, ‘how to write that novel’.

Commuting via bus does have the upside of taking stunning pictures.

The very first link was to The Creative Penn. Wow. The first page was about how to write a book and change your life. Just what this doctor ordered. I spent the next couple of weeks devouring back episodes of her podcast and was hooked. This was the start of a new chapter for me. Joanna, and shortly thereafter, the boys from Sterling and Stone, soon became a part of my daily life and made my daily commute, bearable.

It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns though. In between this time of blissful escape into this world that has always been waiting for me, I began to doubt I could really do this… at my age. What I wouldn’t have given to come across this 10 or 20 years ago. I had days filled with despair. This was a nice little escape to while away time on the bus, but it wasn’t really feasible. Was it? For someone who spends a lot of my day cheerleading others to accomplish their goals, I was fast losing sight of my own. I needed a boost.

Enter the likes of Micheal Hyatt and Jon Morrow. If you need some inspiration in life, for any reason, regardless of what is going on around you, you can’t really do worse than visit these two sites. Both of these men are a balm for the soul and spirit, but they’re also not afraid to give you a bit of a kick from behind to help move you along.

I have just won a promotion and a three-year contract. I love my work, and I have much to contribute, both to my student’s journey through the course, and in the dementia care space. But, I also have to follow my own dream of writing books. I have something to offer here too. I figure I have three years to get my ducks in a row – writing and publishing and getting myself out there as an author. In three years, I will have new decisions to make. Do I continue my academic career, even if only part-time, or do I have the platform that allows me to make writing a new career move? Time will tell.

A former student recently (generously, the kind-hearted soul she is) gave me Leonie Dawson’s, 2017 My Shining Year, workbook. It is a few months in now, but maybe this year is my shining year. I am definitely well into middle-age-hood, but I have new goals to consider and develop as there is still much to achieve. I want to share my stories with you. I want to share my journey with you. I hope you stick around and see which way my mop flops.

I am really keen to hear about your journey. Have you reached a point in your life where the time-is-now? Or maybe even the time-should-be-now?

Talk again soon.



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