From cave dweller to groupie


Super authors Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle.

Welcome to 2019 and I hope the first four weeks have been kind to you.

While writing is in most instances a lone game, finding your tribe is something that fills your heart and soul with pure joy. It is this joy that drives getting words down on a page as often as you can.

Over the last month, I have spent some wonderful days with some very special friends. I was fortunate to spend a day with well-respected (aka both have legions of super-fans) sci-fi/space opera writers Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle (both from the USA), who provided a small group of aspiring and experienced Aussie writers with lunch at the Hilton. As nice as lunch was, it was the time spent listening to their pearls of wisdom on writing and marketing where the real fodder was. It was a real honour to get face-to-face advice and encouragement from leaders, and best-selling authors, who generously gave their time to chat with us.

The other treat was to spend time meeting, and talking to, those gathered and sharing stories of hardships and success. We are not in this alone. While I am by default a ‘cave dweller’ (an introvert who is happy to spend a lot of time alone), days such as this are welcome and needed. Replenishing the creative well takes a village. Sometimes the village comes in the form of books on craft, sometimes waving my hands in the air trying to explain different scenes in Scarlet and Rory’s adventure to my patient, indulging, husband, and sometimes time spent with other writers.

I have recently been adopted into a small writing group (Kit, Gary and Kitty). We are starting to spend a day together, about once a month, where we do some writing (Gary would probably say not enough), eat lots of yummy food (chocolate (Kit’s fave) and chips, followed by vege sticks, cheese and dips (Kitty’s fave)) and ask lots of questions (usually me) around plot, characters, word choice, and story in general. How lucky am I to have found a group of like-minded writers who I seem to have clicked with, straight away! How did we meet up? I noticed a couple of writers in my general area on a Facebook group, and was very brave and asked if they wanted to meet up. We did, and the rest as they say in the movies—is history 😊.

As tough as it might be, reach out to fellow writers—newbies and experienced alike—and soak up their collective wisdom, knowledge, ideas, and experience (both the great, the good, and the ‘next time I will do this’). The more people that hear your story, the better your story will be. At least that is what I am hoping.

Go on, whatever your creative bent, go out and make a new creative friend. Your brilliance sitting together, will outshine the glow of you standing alone.

Cheers for now,



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