Not as easy as it sounds

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

August 2017 - Writing a book is not as easy as it sounds. I know –  it probably doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work that out. However, when I say it isn’t easy, it’s not quite that straight forward.

I did manage to sit down and start writing about a month ago, but I kept getting side tracked with my new Facebook friends – author groups, writers I am following, etc. I have bought some books and listened to many, many podcasts while commuting to and from work. I have read a lot, and when I say a lot, I do mean a lot! This was somewhat fortuitous, as I came across a new virtual mentor, Jeff Goins. Now, in one of our first discussions (well, I was talking to him while listening to his podcast, so from my perspective, it was a discussion) and he asked me how did my story end.

I moved my lips, but nothing came out. I tried moving them again, and still nothing.

Oh, my goodness. I had NO idea how my story ended. Even with a few hours of thinking, I still had no idea. Jeff told me I couldn’t start writing (too late :-P) until I had my ending clear, so I was clear on my story arc. The brakes came on and I have spent a few weeks of going back to basics to sort out an important aspect that I hadn’t given much thought.

Being clear on the story’s ending is much like having clear goals in life. Without a clear goal, and as it turns out a clear ending, the chances of reaching that goal, or ending, in good time, is slim. Good decisions and plans are likely to come unstuck. The chances of meandering off track, losing sight of the end point and mindlessly fluffing around with minimal forward progress, were high.

Thanks to Jeff, I was still in the first chapter, so I was able to stop, and start further reading and researching more about story structure, plot points, climaxes and denouements. Other authors such as J.A Huss and K.M Weiland and John Truby have become my new mentors. Each is a master of story structure and in crafting the perfect story.

My main characters, Myndi and Drew, are patiently waiting for me to return and tell their story, but for now, I am immersed in structure, arcs and plot points, and I will not return to their story until the ending and plot points are crystal clear. As I have always envisioned a series for Myndi and Drew, I still have some work to do on having at least, some idea of the next book or books, to make the arcs within arcs and the structures within structures, flow.

So, when I say that writing is not easy, the writing bit could be quite easy, it is just that not having the other elements in place would ensure that it would make hard reading for you. I want it to be easy for you to read, so it has to be a lot harder for me to write in order to achieve that. I found this quote that sums it all up perfectly.

Cheers for now.



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