Christmas Fairy or Christmas Angel?

When I was invited to join the Christmas Crackers anthology, the main character of Jingle Bells, Christy Fair, immediately popped into my head, and I associated her with the Christmas Fairy. It was my editor who questioned using a fairy when it should be an angel. As you can imagine, this upset the apple cart big time, as my whole story was based on Christy’s acceptance of her lifelong role as the Christmas Fairy.

In panic mode, I did some research to understand why I had, without question, seen Christy as a Fairy tree-topper. Thankfully, I found mention of a vaguely remembered old fairy-tale, the one of Count Otto and Ernestine, Queen of the Fairies, and discussion on how the use of a fairy tree-topper is a more historical choice, likely related to Yuletide and the midwinter festival. "The belief in fairies and other spirits is of course much older than Christianity, and like many Christmas traditions, and indeed the feast of Yuletide itself, the fairy goes back to an earlier time. The tradition of decorating the house with holly and mistletoe has a similarly ancient origin, and in fact according to some traditions the holly bush was supposed to be the place where fairies lived. The later tradition of using a fir tree came from Germany and Scandinavia, where it also had pagan origins to do with celebrating the midwinter festival" (Origin of fairy tree-topper).

As you can see in this picture from Deposit Photos, the wand suggests this is likely a fairy, although many people would not even notice this due to the similarity of costume and the presence of wings. You can imagine how happy I was to have this evidence of Christy being cast as a Christmas Fairy, even though she is a witch.

Do you think of a Christmas angel or fairy? Does she carry a wand? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Till next time.


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