Cheers to a new beginning


Well! This year did not go to plan. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and writing a new unit for a new course took its toll on my mental and physical health. Although it is coming up to two years since my diagnosis, I spent most of this year firmly entrenched in the anger phase of grief. While writing a new unit on chronic disease and multimorbidity was extremely difficult and challenged me to confront my diagnosis every day, by the end, I was stunned to reflect that I had moved on from anger — and not before time!

Unfortunately, my writing was forced to take a back seat, and while the story has moved along with some sporadic bursts of activity, overall I am disappointed with my outputs. My friendly writing group also got busy with life, and after the first few months, we found it too hard to get together, and I have missed that contact dreadfully. But, enough with the excuses. Truth is I found it hard to get my feet planted under the desk and didn’t get the words done.

Luckily I have had some recent inspiration from the 20Booksto50K group, post their annual conference in Las Vegas. I have a few hours of viewing to catch up on thanks to the generosity of the founders (Michael Anderle and Craig Martelle) for making the session recordings available to our Facebook group. I am also attending the Adelaide session of 20Books after Christmas for some face-to-face contact with my tribe. This contact is badly needed, and I know I will get the kick up the butt that I need to get back on track and prevent the same distractions from being repeated in 2020. Of course, this is the plan, but I am hungrier for it now and will fight harder. Maybe that should be my number 1 goal for 2020 – be a Warrior!

Whatever happened in your year, I hope you were able to plough on through and achieve your goals. If not, I am sure that with some reflection and clarification of the goal/s and understanding our Why, (why are we pursuing this particular goal?), we will be that better prepared to deflect the challenges and forge ahead with our plans next year. As I said, that is the plan and we can have a new beginning if we need it!

You have to forgive my fangirl moment, but Craig Martelle’s opening talk at the 20Books Vegas conference was so inspiring, and his generosity is so sincere and heartfelt, that I have to share one of his many pearls here. I’ve added in my own words as this will be my mantra for the next twelve months — “There’s always another story that must be written, and we need to be the ones to write it because no one knows the story like we [I] do. You are [I am] critical to a story’s success. It can’t live without you [me].”

Plant those feet under the desk and write.

Cheers to your new beginning,



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