Welcome to my world


I live in Tasmania, off the southern coast of Australia - 12 hours by vehicular ferry. It is a land that inspires me every day. Famous for the vocal Tasmanian Devil, world-class salmon (for example see the 2018 Farmer of the Year), a sustainable timber industry, and a Wilderness World Heritage area. We have a population around 500,000, large areas of temperate rain forest, and you have to work hard not to have a water view of some kind. All are sure to feature in my writing career.

As a reader, I do not have a most-favourite genre as I read across all genres except for horror. They tell us to write what we like, so I will be writing books that begged to be written, hence my current works in progress featuring paranormal cozy mystery, and an action-adventure in space.

I published my first book on November 3rd 2020. You can read more about on the Cozy Mystery page along with my current work in progress.



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