We are all part of a tribe. Whether it includes family, friends, workmates, leisure and lifestyle friends and acquaintances - we belong to many tribes. The writing community is no different. 

I became a published author on the 3rd November 2020. 

What a wild few days we had launching Christmas Crackers - a paranormal cozy mystery anthology. I, along with nine fellow authors put together an anthology of 10 novellas for your entertainment.

We achieved #1 New Release tags on Amazon, followed by Best Seller tags on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. So exciting!

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The thing about being an aspiring author is that you live, breathe, sleep, and dream, all things writing. Your library dramatically expands as you buy not only books on writing craft, but also those fiction books that along the way you hear about from new writer friends. To extend your knowledge of craft and wellbeing, you also listen to a huge number of podcasts and fall a little bit in love with the guests whose passion for their story has you reaching for yet another kindle download. The journey of any writer, but especially a newbie like myself, is full of peaks and troughs. When time and mood allow, I will catalogue some of my thoughts during my journey here, and pieces of interest from my book or current works.

As a writer working on my first space opera adventure, my work in progress chose itself when I fell in love with the cover. I hadn't considered writing a space opera, but now that I am well into this journey, I can't imagine not writing in this genre. I love the fact that I can research space and time concepts, I have learnt more than I would have ever imagined, and I get to explore the universe through other authors, films, and my imagination. I am bringing together my love of the environment, nature, the stars above, my Grandson's love of dinosaurs, and my Granddaughter's need for strong female role models all into one book series. My family hears about Scarlet and Rory's adventures and my Grandson has named all of Rory's friends who are sure to appear in a future book.